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Telephone Services - Calling Features
Automatic Recall

Easily dial your last caller - even if you didn’t answer.

How much? $1.50 per month. $1.00 with two or more features.

How it works:
If you couldn’t get to the phone in time, you can still find out who called. Return the call by dialing a simple code.

How to use:     

1.  Lift the handset and listen for a normal dial tone.   

2.  If you were already on the phone and ignored a call waiting tone, press and quickly release the “switchhook.”   

3.    Press *69. (On a rotary dial phone, dial 1169.) Your call will go through like a normal call.

If the line is busy:     

4.  Hang up. Your phone will keep trying the line for up to 30 minutes.   

5.  A special callback ring alerts you if the line becomes free. (Some phones ring normally.)   

6.  Lift the handset to automatically place the call.   

To cancel your Automatic Recall request:     

1.    Press *89. (On a rotary phone dial 1189).

2.  Listen for the confirmation tone or announcement. Hang up.   

click here to order Automatic Recall - Be sure to include the words Automatic Recall in your email.