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Home Intercom

Home Intercom - Turn your phone into a home communications system.

How much? Free!

How it works:
Use your phone to talk with someone in another part of the house, garage, workshop, or barn - wherever there’s an extension. A special ring lets you know it’s an intercom call.

To use:

1.  Lift the handset and listen for the dial tone.   

2.  Dial your own phone number. You’ll hear a confirmation tone or a recorded message indicating that you’ve dialed your own number.   

3.  Hang up.   

4.  Listen for the phone to ring. You’ll hear a special ring for a Home Intercom call. The phone will stop ringing when someone picks up an extension.   

5.  Lift the handset and you’ll be connected.   


+ Call Waiting and Call Forward Busy will not function when using Home Intercom.

click here to order Home Intercom - Be sure to include the words Home Intercom in your email.